Khao Hor, Surin organic rice from Surin farmers delivered to the table.

Riceberry Riceberry Brown Riceberry Brown Rice Berry Healthy Organic Riceberry Rice Surin Organic Rice Berry

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Riceberry Riceberry Brown Riceberry Brown Rice Berry Healthy Organic Riceberry Rice Riceberry Surin Surin Organic Rice BerryRiceberry Rice Riceberry Rice (Riceberry): Rice is very beneficial for healt...
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Riceberry Riceberry Brown Riceberry Brown Rice Berry Healthy Organic Riceberry Rice Riceberry Surin Surin Organic Rice BerryRiceberry Rice Riceberry Rice (Riceberry): Rice is very beneficial for health and weight control. Suitable for pregnant and lactating mothers. Vacuum packed riceberry rice 1 kg (1KG). Received Surin organic riceberry standard - Organic Thai organic standard (Organic Thailand) - PGS Thailand standard (standard Participatory organic agriculture) - GMP Codex Standard & HACCP Certificated Riceberry Riceberry brown rice (Riceberry): Organic rice with great benefits. For health, suitable for pregnant and lactating mothers. Riceberry Rice or Brown Riceberry Rice It is a non-glutinous rice obtained from cross-breeding between The parent breeder is Hom Nin rice and Hom Mali rice 105. The grain characteristics are dark purple. It is dark purple rice. The dark purple color found in riceberry (Riceberry) naturally occurs as a component of anthocyanin. which is the chromatic object or pigment And is classified as a group of flavonoids or antioxidants. Highly efficient riceberry rice or brown riceberry rice It has long, slender seeds, shiny skin, soft and unique aroma. Plus it has a mellow, sweet taste. make it easy to eat It is another kind of rice. with high nutritional value It is high in antioxidants such as beta-carotene, gamma oryzanol, vitamin E, tannins, and zinc and folate. have a low to moderate glycemic index which means The starch in rice is converted to sugar slowly, keeping blood sugar levels from skyrocketing too quickly. Suitable for diabetics and those who want to control their weight Riceberry rice is glutinous rice. Cooked, it will be soft, not sticky, not messy. Cooked, the grains will be nicely arranged, delicious taste, not crumbly. Those who can eat riceberry rice well. Riceberry Suitable for people of all ages especially those who love health because it is regarded as rice with high nutrients and benefits They can be classified into different groups as follows: The elderly should have good and nutritious food. which rice berry contains nutrients that nourish the body Enhance the efficiency of blood circulation, slow down aging, nourish the eyes and nervous system. Diabetes and obesity that can switch to eating rice berry with properties that help control sugar and weight Since this variety of rice has a lower glycemic index than general rice, pregnant women, when consuming this variety of rice, will help their unborn child be healthy. Can prevent cleft lip and palate. Because rice berries contain folate. It is also low in sugar. Helping mothers to control their weight to avoid pregnancies. It is also high in iron, which in pregnant women will need more of this mineral than normal people. People with iron deficiency anemia If eating rice berry regularly will help the body get nutrients especially iron Helps to nourish the blood and maintain a healthy body. How to cook riceberry/riceberry rice 1. Measure the amount of rice you want, wash water quickly 1 time. 2. Add water, use the ratio of 1 part rice to 1.5 parts water. 3. Cook with a normal rice cooker. 4. Ladle onto a plate and serve the value and delicious aroma of riceberry rice. Nutritional value of brown riceberry/brown riceberry riceberry brown rice have high nutritional value help control weight Helps control sugar levels Reduce cholesterol, high fiber, help the excretory system. Better and also detox waste from the body. High in vitamin E helps rejuvenate the skin. and contains anthocyanin that helps to slow down aging Minerals and vitamins that are useful in riceberry, vitamin B, brown riceberry rice. necessary for the functioning of the brain, nervous system, digestive system Prevent beriberi, beta-carotene, rice berry reduces the risk of cancer. slow down cell aging and eye care gamma oryzanol Riceberry reduces cholesterol and triglyceride levels in blood vessels. causing blood to circulate to various organs of the body normally Reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, Alzheimer's disease, dietary fiber, rice berry reduces fat and cholesterol levels. prevent heart disease help control weight And helps the digestive system. Omega 3 rice berries are important for the structure and function of the brain. liver and nervous system It also reduces cholesterol levels. Zinc. Riceberry helps to synthesize protein. Build collagen, treat acne, prevent hair loss. and stimulate hair follicle tannins. Riceberry rice cures diarrhea, cures dysentery, helps heal wounds. Iron. Riceberry rice creates and distributes energy in the body. It is an important component of hemoglobin in red blood cells and is a component. of enzymes, which are involved in the use of oxygen in the body and brain, vitamin E, brown rice, help slow down aging, nourish the skin, reduce the risk of diseases related to stroke and heart, make lungs work better. Lutein, brown rice, rice. Rey helps prevent macular degeneration. Increase blood flow in the capillaries that nourish the eyes. Polyphenols, brown rice berries destroy the effects of free radicals. can prevent cancer Ingredients of Riceberry Rice, 100% organic Surin Riceberry Rice, produced and distributed Brown Riceberry Brown Riceberry Rice by Hor.BoutiqueAddress : 59 Moo 10 Tambon Thom, Prasat District, Surin 32000Tel : 092-8245655website : https://www.hor.boutiqueEmail : comFacebook : : : @Hor.Boutique Brown Riceberry Brown Rice Berry Surin Organic Rice Berry, vacuum packed 1 kg (1KG), can be preserved and maintain quality for 1 year in case the rice is still pressed into hard square bars.


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