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5 Thai rice, pampering, healthy, delicious, with benefits, emphasizing as you know Say that Thailand is an agricultural country Jas...
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5 Thai rice, pampering, healthy, delicious, with benefits, emphasizing as you know Say that Thailand is an agricultural country Jasmine rice that is grown in our home is rice that has been recognized as the most delicious in the world. But aside from jasmine rice There are still other types of Thai rice. Many other kinds that are equally delicious But also very useful Today will take to get to know 5 Thai rice pampering, healthy, delicious, full of benefits Will have what rice? Let's see. Riceberry rice. Riceberry rice will have a deep purple color. Long, slender seeds, glossy skin, with a unique smell, mellow sweet taste, planted all year round. Caused by a mixture of 2 varieties of rice, Hom Mali 105 and Hom Nin rice. In riceberry berries have many nutrients, including omega-3, zinc, iron, vitamins B and E. Which riceberry rice has Helps to reduce fat and cholesterol levels. Prevent heart disease Helps control weight And helps the digestive system Prevent hair loss Germinated brown rice is brown rice that has been brought through the germination process ready to grow into a soft tree. Resulting in higher nutrient content, especially GABA, an amino acid that plays an important role as a neurotransmitter in the central nervous system and as a neurotransmitter It serves to balance the brain that is stimulated, which helps the brain to relax and sleep well. And also makes the brown rice have a soft texture that is easy to eat. Forgotten rice is sticky rice, an ancient species of rice. The grain is black in color. High nutritional value With anthocyanin and gamma oryzanol, Omega 3, 6, 9, vitamin B1, 2 and other nutrients such as iron, calcium, manganese can prevent heart disease Reduce the expansion of cancer cells, nourish the liver, prevent dementia or Alzheimer's disease. Reduce fat in the blood vessels, diabetes, including erectile dysfunction in men and women with Hom Nil rice. Hom Nil rice is a rice that has been developed to have clear seeds, slender, dark purple or natural black. Rice, when cooked, has a light purple color and is fragrant. Rich in nutritional value, complete with high protein, the seed coat is dark purple, contains anthocyanin, proanthocyanin, bioflavonoids and vitamin E helping to nourish. Brain, eyesight, hair and prevent many diseases such as cancer, beriberi, anemia, heart disease, paralysis Etc. Sangyod rice is a Thai rice that has been in existence for over a hundred years. Originated from Phatthalung province. Can be planted only 1 time per year with white to reddish-red seed coat Small seeds, slender, slender, when cooked, the seeds are soft, fragrant and cooked. Pot contains high fiber, phosphorus and iron. There is GABA anti-oxidant. Prevent cancer Helps to slow down aging. Prevent memory loss, nourish the blood, heart disease, good for the digestive system. There are many other rice varieties that the health line should not miss. For anyone who is looking for different types of rice High quality Emphasizing the selection of raw materials meticulously Importantly, products are delivered to customers with convenient and fast services. Thanyathip Intertrade Wholesale, Rice, Beans, Grains. Contact to order at phone number 022218116 or Email:


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